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Carrington College Library: Use Databases?

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Databases: Why is this Important?

Library Databases are organized, searchable collections of electronically stored information.
Databases may include anything in digital format (e.g., articles, ebooks, images, video, audio, etc.).

Databases can help you:

  • Focus your search
    Spend less time searching for research materials
  • Locate credible content
  • Broaden or Narrow your Search easily
  • Find videos, images, full-text articles and books

Databases have helpful features:

  • Advanced Search Functions
  • Limiting Features
  • Saving Features (email/print/save/download)
  • Citation help

 What Are Databases and Why You Need Them?

Join Bud and learn about library databases (Yavapai College Library) 2:34
Features Internet via the Web Library Databases
Organization No formal organization Organized and searchable by keyword, subject, publication, format, time period, etc.
Content Anyone can post Anything on the Internet Information is reviewed for accuracy and edited for ease of use.
Credibility Nobody edits or reviews what is published and pages are typically self-published. Many sources are evaluated for credibility and accuracy and often are peer-reviewed or edited.
Access Anyone can access anything Subscription-based and available to current students, faculty, and staff.
Amount Billions of pages Millions of articles, ebooks, and other vetted works.

Keywords - Why is this Important?

Used with permission from the Jenks Library at Gordon College

Boolean Logic: Why is this Important?





This search will give you materials that have

BOTH terms

It will NARROW your search



This search will give you materials that have

It will BROADEN your search





This search will give you materials that have

It will NARROW your search