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Citation and Writing Assistance: Writing Papers at Carrington

Citation and Writing Assistance-Library Subject Guide


Welcome to the Citation and Writing Assistance Guide! This guide provides tools to assist you with your writing process. If you have any questions and want advice, please contact the Student Success Center Manager or Academic Coach at your Student Success Center or consult with your instructor about correct format for your paper.

Note: the resources on this page are sponsored by outside institutions so review the advice and format information provided on these pages with SSC staff or with your instructor.
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Grammarly is an online grammar check program.  It checks 250 points of grammar, contextually checks your spelling, makes vocabulary suggestions as well as having apps to use for working in your browser, anywhere on the web and in Microsoft Office.  

What browsers does it work with:  Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  Grammarly does not work with Internet Explorer.

The basic version is free to everyone.  There is a paid version that is more comprehensive and is probably only necessary for serious writing issues.

Once you have an account it provides the option of a drag & drop or upload function to submit your paper for review.  Then Grammarly scans your text for grammar, spelling corrections needed and offers vocabulary suggestions. 

To create an account in Chrome go to the Educational version of Grammarly.

Grammarly Chrome Login

To create an account, click on Sign Up in the upper right-hand corner of the white space.

After you create the account, you might need to wait for an email to click on for access. If not just login.

Grammarly Home page

Notice there is an Apps section on the left.  You have access to 3 apps. 

Chrome Apps

Notice Grammarly is already installed in in Chrome.  When the App is installed you can access it from the green G on the browser bar.

To create an account in Firefox to go to the educational version of Grammarly  

Grammarly Signin and Signup page

To create an account click on the Sign Up in the upper right-hand corner.

Grammarly Create an Account

Then fill out the form. Once that is completed, you may receive an email to respond to and then login.  

Grammarly Home Page

There are 3 apps that you can download:  Firefox App, Microsoft Office App and Windows App.

Grammarly Apps

Download Microsoft Office login to your Grammarly account.

 Grammarly Home page

Then click on Apps.  Next, click Install next to the Grammarly for Microsoft Office.  If you prefer you can install the Grammarly for Windows.  

Grammarly Apps

Next select the product you want to install.  I installed both so that it checks both documents and emails.  But you may not need the email function. After checking the boxes click install.

Grammarly select for install

Notice at the bottom left of the screen is a download button, click there to run the download.

Next, there will be a security warning, click Run again.

Click the Get Started to begin the download. 


Click finish then login to Grammarly.

When you open Microsoft word there will be a green G with the enable Grammarly.  Click on it to start having Grammarly correct your writing as you write.



To create an account in Safari go to the Educational version of Grammarly.

Grammarly Login Page

To create an account, click on Sign Up in the upper right-hand corner of the white space.

Grammarly Create an Account page

After you create the account, you might need to wait for an email to click on for access, if not just login.

Grammarly Main Page

Notice that after you login the first time, it is telling you that you can add Grammarly extension to Safari.  There are two apps for Grammarly in Safari, click on Apps to see them both.

Grammarly Apps for Safari

You might find each of these useful.  


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