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Citation and Writing Assistance: APA Citations

Citation and Writing Assistance-Library Subject Guide

Citing and Writing

Welcome to the Citation and Writing Assistance Guide! This guide provides tools to assist you with your writing process, including helping you cite in APA format. If you have any questions and want advice, please contact a Campus Academic Dean, Academic Coach, the Librarian, or consult with your instructor about the correct format for your paper.

APA 7th Edition

Helpful Guides, Handouts, and Websites   Helpful Videos

Welcome Singular "They" (APA)
Student Paper Set-up Guide (APA)
Student Title Page Guide (APA)

How to format your paper in  APA 7th style (11:54) Writing Center In-text Citation Guide 
 APA Format 7th Edition: Reference Page
Tutorial (24:44)
Style and Grammar Guidelines (APA) In-text citations made easy: APA 7th edition format Tutorial (16:21)

Why is it important to cite references in your research paper?

  • It gives credit to the authors of the sources you used
  • It provides your reader with more information about your sources so they can find them if they want to read more about your topic
  • It shows your credibility and that you did your research before you came to a conclusion
  • It prevents plagiarism
Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction (1:54) Citing Sources: Why & How to do it (5:37)

Note: these videos may reference citing in another style (e.g., MLA, Chicago, etc.). Remember, we use APA 7th Edition style, but you will find that the basic concepts in these videos will apply to writing papers at Carrington College. offers tutoring and homework help for students. All services are live, on demand, and online.  Experts are online 24/7 ready to help.