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The Student Success Center: Borrowing Books & Library Policies

Welcome to the Carrington College Student Success Center

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Circulation Policy

Borrowing periods for books are generally 14 to 21 days (2 to 3 weeks). However, some books may be designated as reference and therefore, in-library use only or require shorter borrowing periods.

Please check with your Student Success Center Manager or Academic Coach on check out policies for your campus. 

Intralibrary Loan Policy (ILL)

Available Materials:

Books, periodicals (print journals/magazines), media (DVDs, CDs) or any other tangible learning material can be borrowed/lent. Electronic articles are not part of the process, the student can contact the local SSCM or librarian in help retrieving an article or related article if it is not available.

Guidelines for requesting material:

  • Requests are taken Monday to Friday and those received over the weekend will processed Monday.
  • Please request no more than 3 items at a time
  • The ILL Form will be available in hard copy and electronic format through the Carrington College Student Success Center homepage.

Responsible Party:

The Student Success Center Managers (SSCMs), Academic coaches and Federal Student Workers under the supervision of SSCM staff for each campus will ultimately be responsible for providing interlibrary loans to students.

Management of ILL:

Requests will be sent through email but records will be managed through the EOS Catalog system.

Loan Period: 21 days